The 2022 China (UAE) International Trade Fair went smoothly

After the 40 days prolonged Chinese Spring Festival holiday,led by Covid-19, Forsetra returned back and reopened for production on 20th of Feb. Affected by the Critical hit of Coronavirus, the personnel could not be fully reworked, and our suppliers’ insufficient supply capacity, YET with the trust and support from our customers, we have produced and shipped more than 200 000 pieces of stone coated roof tiles to other countries within one month.

Everybody is saying that the economy turns too bad worldwide, especially for export foreign trade. We felt it but we are coping well with it due to the high-quality product we produce and the well-known reputation in the field. Life is not easy but never stops, we have to move on with it and make it even better.

Let us pray for the day of removing our masks and breathing the fresh air outdoors to come soon. Forsetra Roof Tiles, cover your house and protect you from the Virus during Covid-19-----Your roof is our life’s work!!!

Post time: Apr-17-2020

Post time: 2023-11-04 18:07:57
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