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China Stone Coated Roofing Tiles have gone through a variety of changes from ceramic tiles and metal sheets to wood panels and cement tiles. Their role is not only to achieve drainage, protect low-rise buildings from heat radiation and wear damage, etc., roofing materials are useful for creating special acoustics. The environment is also important.


Today, in the scope of roof material selection, architects have a large selection space, including various sizes and materials. Each material and size has its own unique properties and characteristics.


China Stone Coated Roofing Tiles




















Tiles are suitable for different types of sloping roofs, they have good drainage and waterproof performance. Usually, they are composed of an upper part that collects and guides rainwater on the uppermost layer and a lower part that covers the connection between the pipes. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and are made of different materials, which is why they usually appear in low-density residential areas.


Terracotta: The general form is curved, flat or both, each of which corresponds to a different connecting member. Terracotta is made by calcining a clay mixture at high temperature. Although terracotta tiles have poor bearing capacity, they are fireproof, durable, and low maintenance costs.


Glazed tiles: Glazed tiles are made by covering the glaze on the terracotta tiles. Through the different colors and coatings on the glaze layer, the light radiation is reflected or absorbed. The glaze layer makes this material more waterproof and wear-resistant. For the above reasons, this material will be more expensive.


Cement tile: Compared with ceramic tile, this material has better mechanical properties, better weight and lower water absorption. Due to its good anti-fog and wind-proof performance, it is suitable for low temperature climate areas.


Glass tiles: Recyclable and long-lasting, they are usually placed on a black nylon base. The base absorbs and transmits heat to the roof tiles to form air circulation, reducing heat and energy costs.


China Pvc Roof Gutter: they are light and corrosion resistant. Their surface is dense and smooth and does not absorb water, so it is easy to clean. They are suitable for different designs and different scales. Although their single sheet size is larger than traditional tiles, this will speed up the paving efficiency.


PET (plastic) roof tiles: made from recycled PET plastic bottles, they are lightweight, economical and biodegradable. Suitable for designs of different scales and types.


Metal tile: light weight and easy to install. Usually, they do not have good thermal insulation properties, which leads to an increase in indoor temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to consider oxidation and corrosion issues according to the type and skin of the metal.


China Goethe Asphalt Shingles: generally include asphalt lamination and performance-enhancing ingredients, such as ceramic particles. They can be found in designs of different thicknesses and types. Their service life is shorter than other materials, but they are more economical.


Solar roof tiles: Although the installation and production costs are high, solar energy can be used to generate electricity. The effectiveness of this system depends on the angle towards the sun.


Wood shingles: need to be installed accurately, wood shingles are durable and maintain the original acoustic characteristics. However, due to the weather, they are susceptible to corrosion and abrasion from biological agents.


Slate: Flat stone, with different sizes and shapes. Because it is generally used on steep sloped roofs to ensure drainage, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of anchoring.


Forsetra Roof Tile Co., Ltd.  was established in 2017, focusing on the manufacture of stone coated metal roof tiles, asphalt shingles and PVC/ALUMINUM rain gutter. We also produce high-zinc-content of steel truss for light-weight-steel frame structure houses. With all these series of house construction relevant building materials,we strike to offer our customers with one-stop-shopping services.


FORSETRA believes that build a strong and beautiful house for customer is as important as building a reputation of excellent-quality-product to us. Therefore, we source the best of every single kind of raw materials all over China and are willing to pay a higher price and attention for it to make sure our product satisfy our customers’ requirement for the quality. We aim to supply architects, construction companies, whole-sellers and homeowners with superior roofing tiles which are both pleasing to the eyes and designed to withstand the elements.

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